About The Artist

Susan Beallor is a classically trained goldsmith and jewelry designer who has created art most of her life. A native of Manhattan, Beallor began her formal training at the Museum of Modern Art in early childhood. Later on her training in the arts included graphic design and photography. Ms. Beallor also worked for ten years in film and television production.

Her present focus is the interpretation of ancient Roman personal adornments characterized by simplicity of form. In keeping with the style of that period, Susan’s work emphasizes the beauty and depth of the gold. Susan, who has studied at The Jewelry Arts Institute in New York, also counts as her mentors, master metal smiths, John Cogswell, Barbara Seidenath, Klaus Burgel, David Butler and Donna DiStefano.

Unlike many jewelry designers today, Ms. Beallor alloys her own gold and hand fabricates the elements in her creations. “No matter how many times I make a similar piece of jewelry, since I create as I work, there will always be subtle differences in my designs.” With the addition of precious and unusual gems, the result is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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